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    What saw: crowd in the lens of his silver shades.

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  2. "Yeah, maybe, but I’m not sure they should. It’s time to revert to that great punk rocker Shakespeare and ‘To thine own self be true.’ It’s really the punkest idea of all time. Don’t do what people tell you to, just because they’re saying it real loud and like they know what they’re talking about. Make up your own mind. Do your own thing. Heal the way you need to heal."
    — Ryan Adams, re: If people look to artists they admire for guidance, in troubled times. (NYT Magazine, Nov 4th 2001)

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  3. Emmylou Harris

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  4. Emmylou Harris

  5. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - “Cold Roses”

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  6. Ryan Adams

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  7. Ryan Adams - “Come Pick Me Up”

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  8. "I don’t mean to embarrass Bob or anything like that, but he’s said and done more, I think, than the lot of show business put together. You can take just one tune from back in the Sixties and it’s more meaningful than twenty or thirty years of what everybody else said, and yet he’s cranked out so many of them and said it with such insight and such wit - because that’s the thing that I pick up from him, he’s really funny. And I suppose in a way he’s a hero of mine. But, at the same time, like with Ravi, I’m blessed in as much as being with them just makes life that much better."
    — George Harrison, “Living in the Material World”

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  10. "I like the sad song. I like to identify with it because I like the place it sends me. If the characters in my songs start off with a new pair of jeans, they’re lucky to walk out with their t-shirt. I beat them up pretty good. To feel sad is just as intense as any kind of glory. Glory fades."
    — Ryan Adams, (SOMA Magazine, 2000)

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